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About Me

Why I became a dog trainer

I first became interested in dog training and wellbeing because I needed to help my own dog, by gaining a better understanding behind his behaviour and creating a better connection on a emotional level.


  • Certified Dog Trainer

  • CPD Puppy specialist

  • CPD Canine Reactivity

  • CPD Flower Remedies


My learning will continue to develop on a professional and knowledgeable level.

I focus on teaching you how to effectively understand, communicate and build a strong bond with your dog. This method of training is full of fun techniques that will give you and your dog a happier life together.

My approach as a trainer


Always work together!

I will help you understand your dog's behaviour.

Teach you how to change the undesirable behaviour to a more desirable one.

Help you feel more relaxed, confident and in control.

Support you and your dog with honesty and kindness.

I will never use harsh training techniques or pain.

I will never judge you or you dog.

I will never promise quick fixes.

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